SMTown Live in NYC

Look out New York City, here comes SMTown!

On October 23, SMTown will be performing at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. SMTown came to Los Angeles in California last year, and this year East Coast fans will be getting their opportunity to see SMTown LIVE in concert.
No word on the line up for artists that will be attending, however we were provided with the seating chart for approximately 15,000 fans that will be attending the concerts.

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If you guys don’t know, it is August 28 in Japan at the moment. 9 years ago to this date BoA released one of her most important Japanese singles to the Jpop world. “Valenti” became one of BoA’s most popular singles, and the album version later became her best selling Japanese album of all time.

"You’re my Dream~"

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BoA to be judge on SBS’s “Survival Auditions KPOP Star”

The judges for the upcoming SBS “Survival Auditions KPOP Star” hosted by the three biggest music entertainment agencies, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment, has been revealed. The global audition project will have SM Entertainment’s BoA Kwon, JYP Entertainment’s Park Jinyoung (JYP), and YG Entertainment Yang Hyunsuk. They will represent one of the strongest judging lineup South Korea has had thus far for an audition show.

BoA was one of the many Kpop artists that headed the Hallyu Wave and is well-known for her strong dancing and vocals. She has been in the Korean entertainment industry for 11 years as of August 25th and has grown into one of the biggest stars Asia has ever seen. She is also one of the Korean artists that first had success overseas, especially Japan. The producers of KPOP Star said, “BoA is a true world star who was the first Korean idol to make Korea’s name known to the world…We’re looking forward to her appearance on the show since she is considered ‘standard’ of Kpop stars. She is able to give commentary as a singer who has actually been on stage, different from the other who will be talking from a producers point of view.”

SBS “Survival Auditions KPOP Star” is a survival audition program in which contestants will be judged through their singing and dancing abilities. The winner will receive cash prize and an exclusive contract with one of the three major agencies, in which they will release their debut album through. SBS is currently taking applications for the preliminary rounds on their website.

The official press conference for SBS “Survival Auditions KPOP Star” will be held on September 2nd and will begin broadcasting on December 2011.

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News: Newsen, 10asia