BoA wins Music Bank

BoA pulls out another win on the Music Bank charts, easily overcoming the impressive duo, Homme. Congratulations BoA!

Even though this is BoA’s goodbye stage on KBS Music Bank, you can’t help but smile at BoA’s encore with fellow SMtown group, SHINee. It is saddening though that the encore was cut short! Where are you fancams?!?

Big thanks to UnknownCarrot160, who uploaded BoA performance and win on their youtube. A download of the performance had already been uploaded by, you can find it on our forums!. Be sure to thank bokachu for finding it and posting it. Enjoy the performances!

Hurricane Venus performance:

Today’s Winner:

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History of BoA - Happy 10th Anniversary!

SM Entertainment Discovers Kwon Boa In 1998, Kwon Soon-hwon auditioned for SM Entertainment and was accompanied by his little sister, Kwon Boa. Even though it was Soon-hwon who auditioned, the SM talent scouts took notice of little 11 year old Boa instead. Although BoA’s parents had originally declined the offer from SM Entertainment, Boa’s brothers persuaded their parents into allowing their little girl leave school to train for two years in vocals, dance, and Japanese.

BoA Debuts in South Korea Ten years ago, on this very day (August 25th, 2000), BoA released her first album called ID; Peace B, under her stage name BoA. From that day on, she would be known as BoA, the "Beat Of Angel". Her 1st album sold around 156,000 units and had successfully entered the Top 10 album charts. On March 7, 2001, BoA released her first Mini-Album Don’t Start Now, selling around 90,000 units. She then took a hiatus from the Korean music scene to further solidify her Japanese skills to prepare for her debut into the Japanese market.

BoA Enters the Japanese Market Two years after her Korean debut, SM Entertainment made a deal with Avex Trax, one of the biggest labels in Japan, who at the time, had contracts with Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi. On May 30, 2001, BoA debuted in Japan with her first single, the Japanese version of her Korean debut song, ID; Peace B. She reached the Top 20 on the Oricon Chart (similar to the Billboards Chart in the U.S.). Her fourth Japanese single, Listen To My Heart was BoA’s first single to enter the Oricon Chart’s Top 5.

Almost a year after her debut, BoA released her first Japanese album, Listen To My Heart, and became the first Korean artist to reach #1 on the Oricon Chart despite the tension during the 2002 FIFA World Cup, which was hosted by both South Korea and Japan. The album was a breakthrough for BoA’s career and sold 230,590 units. Listen To My Heart placed 12th on the 2002 yearly chart and managed to stay on the Oricon Charts for 91 weeks. This album also marked BoA’s first time contributing in her albums with writing and composing.

Best of Asia, Bring it on America On September 2, 2008, SM Entertainment announced that BoA would be making her debut in America through SM’s USA branch, SM Entertainment USA. Eight days after the announcement, SM Entertainment held a conference to give further details concerning her debut. Eat You Up became BoA’s first U.S. single and was produced by Thomas Troelsen.** BoA released two other singles accompanied with music videos, I Did It For Love and Energetic.

On March 17, 2009, BoA released her first full length, self-titled U.S. album, BoA, which contained 11 tracks, including Eat You Up. On August 31, 2009, a repackage of the album (BoA DELUXE)was released with two new tracks and a radio edited version of Energetic.

PRESENT: Making a Comeback in Korea After 5 Years BoA’s last full length Korean album was released in 2005 with Girls On Top, in which she won Best Female Solo and Bonsang at the MNet KM Music Festival (MKMF) Awards. On March 1st, SM Entertainment announced BoA’s 5 years awaited Korean comeback for her 10th anniversary. Her 6th Korean album Hurricane Venus was released on August 5th and quickly topped the Korean charts. She has sold 56,516 units to date and is the 6th highest album sold for 2010, behind her fellow SM peers, Super Junior, SHINee, and Girls’ Generation.

CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY, BOA! Throughout these long 10 years, BoA has given us beautiful music and amazed us with her beauty, her personality, her kindness, her talent, and more. For some, she has changed lives through her music, for others, inspired and encouraged them to do more and to not lose hope. While 10 years is a long time for an artist, BoA is still young and we hope she brings us another 10 years of wonderful music in the future.

All of BoA’s albums and singles to date are posted here and includes all the ranks and available units sold to date.

BoA has released a total of 65 singles and albums and 93 music videos in her 10-year career as an artist.

**Thomas Troelsen also produced SHINee’s Love Like Oxygen and SHINee World, TVXQ’s Mirotic, and wrote f(x)’s Nu ABO.

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